The Least expensive Domain Registration Cum Hosting Internet site – Evaluating

This Rolled Cheapest Domain Registration and Hosting Into One

Never imagined that we could drastically take away the discomfort of engaging using the services of a cheapest domain registration site on one side and availing the assistance of the most affordable hosting provider on the other. I was in the internet business for many years and am used to the method of visiting my favorite website registrar site whenever I scout for reasonable domains and proceed afterwards to my favorite site offering best cheap website hosting.

Driven by my inquisitiveness, I kept scanning on the internet looking for a website that can provide both quality domain registration and hosting services. Indeed, Used to do found quite a lot of sites over the web but to my dismay, these were effective in providing a single service, either at domain registration or internet hosting, although not either way. However, the perseverance inside me had prevailed when i discovered and ended up being a devoted user of this cheapest domain registration cum cheapest web hosting site dubbed as VIRS Registry. Candidly, your website became the best as it really fits my taste along with.

Using this type of simple review, I’ll be laying-down the various pros and cons while i will perform my favorite to offer you a substantive and equally subjective presentation which will show you how and what your website really is. I can’t vociferously promote this great site just like how other folks do. If you need to find out more, then just keep reading…

Good Points About This Cheapest Domain Registration and Hosting Site:

At all like me continually availing the help of this site, I have learned many things that make it stick out in addition to its contemporaries simply because of these:

1. For your Domain Registration Service

Availability – In comparison to other established website name registration providers that are just providing the general international domains like dot com, dot net, dot info, dot org, dot me, dot us, dot tv, dot biz, dot mobi, dot co, and dot ca, this best website name registrar is offering lots of different url of your website extensions in the international domains mentioned earlier on to European as well as Asian/Pacific domains;

Freebies – Other domain registration sites have limited freebies. Nevertheless, this best domain name registrar is providing a lot of money of freebies like Email Forwarding, DNS Management, URL Forwarding, Domain Parking, Real Time Update, SSL Certification and Private WHOIS, using the later definitely for sale in other sites;

Transparent Fees – While other website registration providers impose compulsory add-ons for every domain purchase which might be created for ICANN and WHOIS, this best website registrar collects no additional fees because the items earlier mentioned already form the main freebies;

Price – You might think that the features previously referred to can only be given with a high price, though the website name price provided by this amazing site is surprisingly low and thought of is the cheapest seem to date.
2. For your Hosting Service

Price – While other sites charge a designated web hosting fee monthly regardless of number of domains to be hosted, however, this cheapest hosting web site is offering an exceptionally low tiered rate created for Starter, Business to Ultimate hosting classifications. Moreover, while other sites are selling great deals applicable just for the first year, hence, reverting time for the standard price starting the other year, but this website is offering straight price in recent times;

Freebies – Conspicuously absent in other website hosting sites, this site is offering freebies applicable to each and every hosting classification, the next: a) Starter- Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Hosts 1 Domain, 10 Subdomains and 10 Email options; b) Business- Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Hosts 10 Domains, 100 Subdomains and Unlimited Emails and; c) Ultimate- Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Hosts 50 Domains, Unlimited Subdomains and Free One (1) Domain Name;

Reliability – Being hosted in the United States and directly linked to cPanel, this excellent website is 100% certain to be hack-free. Moreover, just like with other hosting sites, it provides tutorial, 24/7 live chat support, ticket submission and high-paying online programs.
Capping some great benefits of this web site are the indisputable fact that it accepts PayPal for payments and possesses a hassle-free money-back guarantee mechanism, wherein, there’s no need for discontented clients to submit ticket to requirement for refund. They simply need to click REFUND on the dashboard and receive instant money-back.

Not-So-Good Points:

This can be a quite recent whilst still being unknown site. Skeptics might visualize it as too good to be true and worse, see it as another scam. Nevertheless, established sites supplying a variety of services and products started naturally as new and unknown. The very best evidence this best website name registrar and cheapest website hosting web site is offering as an antidote for any scam charge is its worry-free money back guarantee.

Final Verdict – This Is A Great Domain Registration and Hosting Site

With a few minor disadvantages here and there, it is still very evident how the good points dominantly outweighed the not-so-good-points. The discomfort of managing separate and distinct domain and hosting sites are undoubtedly would-be things of history when you patronize this one-of-a-kind site. If you’re looking for the best and cheapest domain registration cum cheapest hosting site, this is really it!

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