Apple’s iPhone 7 – Latest News

Recently last month, Apple unveiled their iPhone sales that have decreased plus they lost ?140 million in the market value of Apple’s shares. This clearly means that Apple should work tirelessly so that you can convince their existing iPhone users to make sure they upgrade for their upcoming iPhone 7 this September and as well take on Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 because it’s releasing this season.

Let’s just start and analyse the most up-to-date news and rumors about Apple’s potential released iPhone 7.

Latest news and rumors claim that Apple could use a dual camera setup because of their new iPhone 7 Plus, but it really might be the dual camera display could possibly be the same size like a Plus added to the new dual camera. It’s required to be known as the iPhone 7 Pro and is featured like a supercharged phablet and Apple may also release three different versions in the iPhone 7. Having three iPhone models appears to be beyond belief, but so did the Apple’s larger Plus version device which end up perfectly.


Few months back, it turned out rumored the iPhone 7 might be charged wirelessly, however, this rumor seem not as likely now. Apple currently is focusing on wireless charging however it is excessively not even close to conventional, in accordance with Bloomberg. Instead, Apple is developing on “cutting-edge” technology that can allow iPhones and iPads to charge without cables or charging mats. Nevertheless it will not be here until 2017. Unfortunately, we will not manage to understand this feature for the iPhone 7. It is extremely challenging to comment on rumors in this new technology.

Additionally it is rumored that iPhone 7 will use a totally improved camera due to this handset. Apple’s new iPhone 7 uses a brand new dual camera system with an Optical Zoom and 2-3x magnification, in accordance with Apple’s Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI securities. This new system/feature reportedly is from Linx. This company was brought by Apple this past year. However, this new dual camera strategy is configured to get featured only for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Additionally it is predicted that Apple’s new iPhone 7 will use a built-in Touch ID along with a screen manufactured from sapphire glass. Apple already is definitely this because of their Apple Watches plus they could possibly be prepared to import this element in their devices.

Apple’s new iPhone 7 might go on to glass-on-glass screens which probably will use a QHD or perhaps a 4K display. Many Android devices have QHD screens and the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium features a 4K display, therefore it’s likely the iPhone 7 might jump within the resolution. If this describes true, then the iPhone 7 may also increase and could visit a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 7 models.

About the price for your new iPhone 7, there is absolutely no price rumors. However, there’s every chance the new iPhone will probably be costly and it also might be around 539/$649.
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