Bonnie was so excellent to work with! High quality photos & well affordable.

What I love most could be the commitment level she puts into ensuring she delivers what you look for. She functions really understand up your eyes & then will the better to ensure it is sparkle.

Furthermore, i found Bonnie a pleasant presence to work with – enhancing the very best features, coaching for poses in a very supportive way, patient & going the extra mile. E.g. while I was away for my clothes change she took photos of wildflowers as she felt that being a nature lover I’d personally appreciate them in my website – she was right!

Her responses are swift too – this became consistent throughout our communication and my photos needed very quickly.

HIGHLY recommend Bonnie! She actually is incredibly talented that i’m happy with my lifestyle headshots. Her studio experience is amazing – great lighting and multiple background/staging options. I sent her some inspirational Pinterest pics & she helped pose me to capture what exactly I desired. She knows what she’s doing and was capable of giving some posture and facial expression advice too. I was pleasantly surprised together with the resulting photos.

Coordinating with your ex is also a breeze – she’s pleasant & professional, sent proofs quickly, together the pics back to me sooner than expected.

You may need photos of yourself and your team for the marketing. I like helping businesses by offering top quality shots because of their websites, social media and print marketing.

My father educated me using a video camera after i was high school. During college, I continued to review photography and gained invaluable experience as i worked being a photojournalist from the newspaper industry.
Because i was doing work in the business enterprise as photographer, I dreamed of running my very own business. It had not been until we adopted our son Sebastian which i designed a break from corporate life to pursue freelance photography full time.

Portraits are my passion. I am about to help my clients define their business brand through photography. I use my Two-and-a-half decades of photography experience to assist you as well as your team look amazing in photos.

When I signed up for a basic white and black photo class attending school, I was hooked. I loved the creative freedom of capturing beautiful images which has a camera. While finishing my degree in architecture, I took every photography class North Carolina State offered. Able to work with a camera, I attended graduate school at Ohio University to study photojournalism. As i worked as being a newspaper photographer for quite some time, I wished for running my very own business.

I continued to function as a photographer for more than 10 years, however was always “working for the man.” It wasn’t until we adopted our son Sebastian i made a break from corporate life to pursue my freelance photography fulltime.

Since the inception of my offer, I’ve documented many important procedures in a family’s life… weddings, pregnancies, first birthdays, mitzvahs, graduations, marriage proposals and reunions.

Portraits are my current passion. Helping my clients feel beautiful and powerful through photography can be an experience I hope to remain through the most my career.

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