boob Augmentation Surgery Sydney

Fat grafting for the breast can be a safe and effective way to enhance your breasts without getting a foreign substance within your body. Fat transfer on the breast is often a natural substitute for implants mainly because it uses YOUR own fat from the thighs or buttocks ( Yes an additional benefit!!) moved to your breasts. Not only is an all natural procedure but fat transfer towards the breast does not come with the added long term side effects for example capsular complications, breast enlargements rotating, breast implants leaking and 15 year revisions ( that’s common!).

Therefore the main point is if you don’t have dramatic weight-loss, your larger breasts exist to remain once and for all! As fat tissue is surely an organic substance that your particular body has made, your body doesn’t make an effort to eliminate it ( generally known as an immune response), your is very happy to accept your own fat anywhere in our bodies.

My patients may need 1 or 2 procedures to get the results they demand, i understand this so when deciding the cost of a fat transfer on the breast enhancement, i think about the expense of potentially requiring 2 procedures. This way in case a patient prefers fat transfer to the breast over breast implant surgery, price do not possess to get this kind of issue.

Often a patient would like to seem like they have got had breast augmentation ( the perky american looking breast). If a patient wants the feel of an implant breast augmentation then i warn up against the fat transfer on the breast procedure. Fat transfer towards the breast can increase breast size around 1 cup size, yes its a modest increase! which means this procedure is for those who modest NATURAL results.

Also you should note you will find permanent changes on the structure of your fat tissue, so its always good for my patients to possess a mammogram ( or some kind of radiological imaging) so i could document these changes. In Some patients this could be misdiagnosed as breast growth growth ( breast cancers) , and additional tests is going to be required in order to be sure! but fat transfer for the breast does NOT increase probability of breast cancer, rather it could be misdiagnosed if proper documentation just isn’t in place!

Another essential factor regarding the robustness of fat transfer for the breast is that i is a bit more Unpredictable than implants! as some of the fat can survive and a few may not , this is the reason multiple procedure os fat transfer augmentation is required and my fee structure reflects this.
1) Fat is harvested very gently and at a minimal vacuum ( much slower than regular liposuction).

2) Fat is transferred to injection syringes with great delicateness.

3) Fat is then injected into the breast in a small amount into different layers with the breast type tissue.

This guarantee the fat survives, if the surgeon is heavy handed and injects fat deposits in huge amounts this can bring about below desirable results.

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