The Five Stages of Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is usually a challenge. The decision on how committed an employee will probably be for the organization, division or team, depends seen on the consumer. Therefore, step one to employee motivation is always to build relationships with every person. Find out what makes him/her tick. The intention of this post is to know what to look for whenever you build relationships with the person.

Many leaders make the mistake of applying an individual motivational strategy to almost all their employees. The actual fact in the matter is always that something else entirely might motivate different employees. Exactly how do you find the appropriate formula for each employee?

The Loyalty Institute at Aon Consulting did extensive research on employee commitment. They came up with the five drivers of employee motivation, also called the performance pyramid.

It works as being similar to Marslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in which the first level of motivational needs first required satisfied, before a necessity arise next level. It had not been intended that way. It became of work out that way.

The performance pyramid offers some wonderful guidance to understand to watch out for once you build relationships the workers. Let’s have a look at the five levels to see the actual way it can help you to find ways to motivate employees.

Level 1: Safety and Security. Plus a physical feeling of well-being, there must be a psychological belief that the planet is free of fear, intimidation or harassment.

Level 2: Rewards. Yes, you knew it. Many people won’t arrived at work tomorrow should they win a big lottery today. This is actually the perception the organization endeavors to fulfill the employee’s compensation and benefits needs.

Level 3: Affiliation. It is a a feeling of belonging. It offers being “in the know” and being part of they. This is where a alteration in personal and organizational values could have a big impact on motivation.

Level 4: Growth. Employees want to have the fact achievement has taken place. I will feel safe, get all the money I want and feel area of the team. However, if there are no growth opportunities, I might take into consideration leaving the business.

Level 5: Work/Life Harmony. This term speaks by itself. Someone could have all the rewards that he/she wants, but he/she will wear out ultimately whenever they lack the time for it to stand alternatively things they want.

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