Joe Schwartz Spa World: 5 Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you looking for a thought to produce a bath room even comfier? Joe Schwartz, Owner of Spa World says “If you are similar to homeowners bathroom renovation is top one of many your home improvement projects. Your bathroom can be a sanctuary where you spend lots of time refreshing after having a tiring day.”

Therefore it is important to make this space functional, safer and aesthetically appealing. There are lots of contemporary bathroom renovation ideas but none more likely to be as inspirational being a new shower system. This improvement adds a steam room while retaining the elegant options that come with a modern bathroom. A steam shower is soothing, relaxing and boosts your immunity by promoting better blood flow.

Well, there are lots of bathroom designs from which to choose if you need to include a steam shower in the remodeling project. Right here of such design ideas you may use:

Enclosed and insulated shower space: If you want to take advantage of the steam shower experience readily enclosed space which avoids heat loss and offers a classy touch tot eh bathroom.

Reduced ceiling height: A top ceiling height may need an even more powerful and expensive steam generator hence the have to redesign by decreasing the ceiling height.

Built-in foldable bench: To help make the bathroom more at ease and better fitted to a steam shower experience you should install a sloping bench which should also be foldable to maximise on available space.

Master Ensuite bathroom: You are able to revolutionize your master bedroom with custom steam shower heads, shower bench, custom tiled wall, body sprays and air system tub. This is a bold move to go an extra mile when adding a steam shower.

Vapor sealed lighting: Adding lighting towards the bathroom environment always works magic. With vapor sealed lighting you are guaranteed off continuous lighting with no risk of electric faults within the room.
A fresh steam shower provides life a bath room and these innovative design ideas can help you get the most from this space.


Joe Schwartz is the owner of Spa World Corp.
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