Happy find out more about the astounding china fashion? Shirley Chen will guide you on this subject via her personal blog

Do you completely love to follow the attention-grabbing efforts of diverse talented people which share with their viewers distinctive and definitely excellent crafted elements? I have this passion too, and recently I ran into a beautiful blog website that is designed by an incredible Chinese artisan that lives in Europe. Her name is Shirley Chen and she was born in Shanghai but now she lives Sweden and does very good and intensely exciting paintings and as well mixes this action with website writing and fashion connected photography. Consequently, on her extremely fascinating blog website are available special creative illustrations that give to the audience an unique a feeling of attractiveness.

I had been so enthusiastic about her enjoyable as well as very captivating artsy illustrator works, that I began to look more deeply into her user profile and discovered that in her early age she was actually attracted to graffiti and this exercise inspired her to make and paint extraordinary pictures. Additionally, I have discovered that apart from making definitely unique and enchanting drawings, this extremely experienced and also seasoned artist has a passion for cats and among her most loved and highly-regarded masterpieces are available out of ordinary cat illustrations as well. So all the cat buffs, simply will end up being thrilled to find out captivating and enjoyable artwork to display their cherished four-legged buddies. Also, being a many-sided creative personality, Shirley is also excited about design and style and even though, when she began to write on her blog 7 years before she was discussing just her fantastic works, now she also centers on instructing her audience about china fashion by showing to her daily appearances and she even brings together them with computer illustrations simultaneously. Additionally, it turned out that she is also a fantastic interior designer and by now she had the opportunity to work for a number of projects that included wall decoration, candle holders, fabric and embroidered pillows and many others. As you see, a wonderful mind and soul can exclusively establish unique products and generate really genius and imaginative ideas!

I guess that at this point you might be actually interested to see the way in which she mixes the cat art with fashion and style and photography to produce a one of a kind website that attracts daily plenty of people excited to discover some fresh and innovative art guidelines, and I will be more than pleased to encourage you to just click over the internet link that follows: www.shirleychen.com where you will discover what you want to know about Shirley! Keep an eye on her elegant works and concepts and your creativeness can become richer and more artistic!
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